The BOARD’EM Project

The BOARD’EM Project


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Our brand new initiative is designed to put new skateboards and protective gear in the hands of the youth that needs them most. Each $75 donation you make is matched by Cure, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to buying skateboards and protective gear that will be given away to kids, teens, and young adults in low-income families and situations.

We believe that skateboarding can fundamentally impact a person’s longterm mental health in positive ways, and the financial barrier of entry is oftentimes the only thing keeping a child from finding their new passion.

Skateboarding is not only a healthy physical activity, but it also exercises an individual’s problem solving skills and determination. Additionally, it can be a safe, socially distant activity that can also lead to life long friendships and social relationships.

Each donation you make could be a life changing gesture for a child, and we thank you in advance for it!