Skate Lessons

CURE Skateshop offers FREE group skate lessons for beginners, every week. These lessons are for any and all ages, from toddlers to adults in their 40’s or 50’s and up. These lessons are geared toward anyone considering themselves beginners. Basically, if you’re able to kickflip, these lessons are not going to benefit you. But if you’re at any skill level up to that point, you could benefit from our free group lessons.

Our lessons take place in Henderson, KY at Atkinson Skatepark, every Saturday morning, from 10-11:30 am. Once again, they are free. No equipment is guaranteed to be provided, although we do generally have a few extra skateboards with us, available for use on a first come, first served basis. We do recommend staying there if your child is young enough to require adult supervision. Please call us for any other information or updates at 270-418-2071.

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