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The Henderson Skatepark Fund

Our local community of Henderson, KY needs a legitimate, free, public skatepark. Yes, we currently have two skateparks. However, the local skateboarders can find plenty of gripes with both of these pre-fab parks and the poor planning and questionable decisions that went into both. But, rather than complain about what we have, we would like to find ways to either improve upon what we have, or build an altogether new one. Personally, my dream scenario would be an indoor AND outdoor facility that is 100% free and open to the public, while also being supervised and maintained privately.

But, as we all know, securing funding for anything to better the local skateboarding community is next to impossible. And the process usually begins with some hefty fundraising initiatives.

We’re asking you to help us build an open charitable fund. This fund will eventually be used for one or more programs aimed at providing Henderson, KY with a perfectly usable, accessible, free, public skate park. We will devote ourselves to seeing this process reach a desirable outcome for all, and we will use this page to be 100% transparent in the funding process, as well as any spending that occurs. We will also reach out to our donors from time to time, in order to best represent YOUR wants and needs.

Please, if you can find it within your means, use one of the options below to make a donation toward a better future for our local and regional youth. You can either make a one time donation, or make it a recurring, monthly donation. If you or your organization is interested in making a contribution in excess of the pre-defined amounts, please contact us.

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